THATCamp Philly 2014 Reception

Sponsored by the Library Company of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks, and Rochester Institute of Technology’s Digital Humanities Program

Friday, September 19, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Location: Physick House, 321 South 4th Street, Philadelphia
Free, Registration Required

A reception of light hors d’oeuvres will follow THATCamp Philly 2014 at the Physick House. The reception will include a brief presentation by the sponsors on recent accomplishments in the area of Digital Humanities and showcase the talent of interns and volunteers that have assisted in the success of those projects. THATCamp Philly is a day of unconferences and workshops held at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. PhillyDH workshops, meetups, and programs, such as THATCamp, have been established to create a peer network of both novices and experts to support the creative vision of our region’s historical and cultural institutions in the area of Digital Humanities.


Session Proposal: How Can DH Inform the Work of Scholarly Communication?

In this proposed session, participants would talk about the ways scholarly communication can be informed by the digital humanities. Ideally, people would leave the session with new ideas and concrete suggestions for sharing scholarly work in the digital space, measuring impact, generating engagement, etc. Participants might consider how print journals can boost their signal with digital tools like blogs and social media; how digital tools can be used not only for publication but for works in progress; how digital sites can be multifaceted in terms of venues offered to potential scholars/users; how we can create new kinds of metrics for engagement among readers.

The goal here is to think not only of publications and platforms as venues for communication but also as spaces for collaboration. This session might be of interest to editors, authors, members of professional organizations who would like to change how their organizations communicate, members of both academic and cultural institutions who would like to break down boundaries between the two in terms of how we share ideas and research.

Proposed by: Janine Utell, @janineutell

Session Proposal: Moving Data Between Systems

Where are the pain-points in getting different systems to talk to each other? Are we passing around CSV exports to import elsewhere? Are we building middleware to translate between APIs? Munging a database dump?

If anyone else struggles with moving data from one system or application to another regularly, want to talk about solutions you have, and maybe start making something better?

I’m especially interested if Omeka is on one side or the other (e.g., ContentDM <–> Omeka), but am interested in the problem generally, too.

Proposed by: Patrick Murray-John, @patrick_mj

THATCamp Philly 2014 Information

THATCamp Philly 2014 will be on Friday, September 19 at the Conference Center at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. This year will be a one-day event, with both workshops and unconference sessions throughout the day.

To view the schedule and room assignments, click HERE (Google Drive – ask at registration table if you can’t view).

To propose an unconference session, click HERE.

To read this year’s Code of Conduct, click HERE.

There will be a post-THATCamp reception at nearby Physick House from 5:00-6:30pm. Registration for the reception is separate from THATCamp; you can find more info and the registration link HERE.

Use hashtag #thatcampphilly

Session Proposal: Social Media as Part of the Academic Research Process

The academic research process is often a challenge for many undergraduate students. Information literacy isn’t solely comprised of finding materials and writing papers; students need to understand how to actively participate in research discussion. I propose a session to discuss ways in which librarians and educators can utilize current social media platforms as analogous means for deeper level discussion within a research context. For example, retweeting a comment is a passive act, while tweeting a response shows active discussion and critical thinking skills. This is similar to simply citing a resource in a research paper versus adding to a citation with additional thoughts and commentary.

Proposed by: Laura Chance, @digitizedlaura

Session Proposal: Low Technology Skills in Distance Ed

What I would like to propose is a session on working with students who have low technology skills in distance education classes. After sessions in the past about these issues in the classroom, I think it is important to also look at this from the distance ed perspective.

Proposed by: William Patrick Wend, @wpwend42

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a Code of Conduct for this year’s event. Please make sure you have read and are familiar with it.

This policy is a work-in-progress. PhillyDH, the local parent group for THATCamp Philly, will be reviewing the policy sometime after this year’s THATCamp Philly event to create a policy to cover all PhillyDH events. This will be an open process, so please make sure that you are on the PhillyDH mailing list for further details.

Registration is OPEN!

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As a reminder, this year’s event is only one day (Friday, September 19) and will feature both scheduled workshops and unconference sessions. We’ll post info about the scheduled workshops as soon as we have the final details worked out. Thanks for your patience!